Pick up and Drop off times:

Parents, please be considerate and do not drop off your child early or pick her/him up late. Our studio hours do not allow us for extra time between classes. We teach classes, special classes, private lessons, and sewing camps back-to-back, and we do not have a waiting room.

We understand that unavoidable things can happen. If your schedule does not allow you to pick up or drop off your child in a timely fashion, you may call the studio or email us in advance to make arrangements.

We are not a daycare, and we say that lovingly. Parents who drop off their children more than ten minutes early and/or pick up their children more than ten minutes late (without prior notice and arrangements with the studio) will be charged a $30 childcare fee. If the extra time exceeds a half hour, the fee will be raised to $60, and so on.


Waiting Area:

We do not have a waiting room or visitation area and our studio is very small. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but please do not treat the studio as a waiting room. Parents may feel free to drop their children off and pick them up at the studio, but not to stay during lesson hours. It is distracting to your own child as well as other students trying to learn and concentrate.


Communication & Information:

Love to Sew Studio sends home newsletters and e-mails throughout the year to keep you informed. Expect to receive emails on a regular basis. Please read them carefully so you will have the needed information regarding tuition, upcoming events, contests, fashion shows, new classes, etc. The director and instructors are available in person, by phone, or e-mail to answer questions, discuss studio events or hold a friendly conversation, but not during class time.   If you have any questions throughout the year, feel free to e-mail us or give us a call. Our website calendar is also a valuable resource to find answers to your questions at any time.


Holidays / Emergency Closings / Inclement Weather:

Love to Sew Studio has students that are residing in more than eight school districts. For this reason, we may not be closed on the same days as your school.  Any class that falls on a day in which the studio has a holiday closing does not need to be made up. These dates were accounted for in our payment schedule and are not considered “paid classes”. Please check our studio calendar for our holiday closings.

In the event that the studio must close due to bad weather or an emergency closing, whenever possible, details will be sent to you in an email notification, posted on our studio voice mail, and posted on our facebook page as well.  To best accommodate families’ schedules, students may individually opt to make up any missed class within a 30 day time frame.  Refunds are not provided for classes canceled due to emergency or inclement weather conditions.


(Enrollment) Students Needing a Month or More Off:

When you enroll your child at this studio for weekly classes, you are enrolling for an entire season, September through May. However, we do not have a strict policy where a student must sew for an entire sewing year. We understand circumstances come up. Many students have needed to take off a month or two for a sport, school activity, or family illness. If you must take off a month or more, first, you must let us know. If you take off a month without payment, please keep in mind that your return is based on availability, and your spot may have been taken. To hold and guarantee your spot for the month off, you may continue to make the monthly payment, and any time missed during that month can be made up.


Food & Beverages:

A large amount of time is spent working on projects in the studio. With this in mind, food, drink, and gum are not permitted in the studio. If we are having a special workshop or studio party in which food is included, the food and drink must stay in the designated area away from projects and fabric.


Studio Awards:

Love to Sew Studio awards every student at our End-of-the-Year Party/Picnic with a yearly award. Students who have sewn with Love to Sew Studio consecutively for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 years will be presented with a trophy. In addition, special awards are given for perfect attendance, fashion design, and to graduating seniors. Also, each student designer who participates in our annual fashion show with a minimum 3-piece collection is presented a trophy at our annual fashion show.


Be Prepared:

If hair style is in the face, please keep hair secured tightly in a bun, braid, or ponytail. Hair in they eyes can distract the vision for sewing and cutting.

Students should be dressed comfortably and ready to sew. Shoes must be worn at all times. Shoes must be comfortable and light for touching the foot pedal of the sewing machine. Thick soles, heavy boots, and clogs are not recommended.

Most important – Don’t forget to bring your sewing bag to class!


End-of-the-Year Picnic/Party in May:

Each May we host an annual “End-of-the-Year Sewing Party where students who have sewn with us on a weekly basis through-out the school year, can enjoy some friendly sewing games, sewing competitions, and receive their yearly sewing awards and trophies, perfect attendance awards, and delicious food. We also allow students to vote for each other for some fun sewing superlatives. This celebration is included in our school-year program monthly fee and is no extra cost to you.