If you are new to the area or new to the art of sewing, WELCOME from Love to Sew Studio.

If you just moved into the area and have taken several months of sewing lessons in the past and already know how to sew, read a pattern, thread a machine, and are between the ages of nine and eighteen, you may move onto a scheduled class depending upon availability once you have been evaluated by an instructor.

If you are brand new to sewing and are eight years old, we offer private lessons until you are nine years old or until otherwise directed by an instructor before you may move into a regular open sewing class. Eight year olds who do private lessons are welcome to participate in our annual fall fashion show!

If you are brand new to sewing and are between the ages of nine and eighteen you are required to take a minimum of two 2-hour private lessons before moving into a class. Once you have taken two 2-hour private lessons and the instructor feels you are ready, you may move onto a scheduled class depending upon availability, or continue with private lessons. We have many students who continue taking private lessons instead of joining a class. It is up to the individual needs and schedule.

If you are an adult and either brand new to sewing or have sewn in the past and need help on a certain skill or project, we only offer private lessons or semi-private lessons at this time. We have tried adult classes in the past and have found that most adults prefer a one-on-one lesson.

Either way, learning to sew is fun, exciting, and very rewarding, and we’re pretty sure you will be hooked with your first lesson. Our students enjoy sewing dolls, doll clothes, crafts, holiday decorations, quilts, costumes, and clothes for the themselves. We host a few annual sewing charity events each year. Our biggest and most popular event shared by both our students and the community is our annual fall regional fashion show that we encourage all of our students to participate in from beginner to advance!