learn to sew, sewing giftsDuring the year and especially during the holidays, the most popular question I get ask, is “What kind of sewing machine should I get my child?”, or “What are some good gifts to give someone who loves to sew.”. Joann Fabrics & Crafts does not sell most of the suggestions listed below, but they are a great place to buy fabric and patterns. You can purchase the products below off Amazon and have them delivered right to your house. Yes, I love Amazon! Click on any item and it will take you directly to the product and description.

Below are the products and supplies that I would suggest buying for your child to use in her own little sewing area at home.

This is the machine we use in our studio. It is perfect for both beginner sewers and advance! Do not buy the ones at Wal-mart, they are the refurbished machines. 


This is the awesome magnetic pin holder we use in our studio that the students love so much! Do not be fooled by the cheap ones sold at Wal-mart and Joanns, they break as soon as they are dropped AND the magnet is not strong enough to hold a lot of pins.

 Make sure you buy magnetic pins. These are the best pins to use. They are long, so they are great for dress making and design! (Yes, I hate the short pins.)

 Scissors play an important part in sewing. Shop around for different kinds of scissors. Do not buy a heavy duty pair of expensive dress making shears if your child’s hands are not strong enough to open and close them. Scissors for left handed people are available, and so are child scissors for sewing.

 If your child is old enough to use an iron, this is a must tool to have. Pressing as you go is a huge part of sewing. If your child is a beginner sewer, I’d suggest any type of safe iron. If the iron is for you or an advance child who sews, I would suggest a Rowenta iron. I love these irons! This is what we use in our studio.

We are always grabbing our clear long ruler to measure in sewing. This would be another great gift. Other gift suggestions are:

  • fabric
  • patterns
  • thread
  • ribbon
  • elastic
  • pressing ham



Then there is always some fun things for stocking stuffers: