Love To Sew Studio hosts an Annual Regional Fashion Show every September. Participating in the annual fashion show provides students the opportunity to show the results of their hard work by showing the looks and costumes they have made throughout the year, or while at summer camps, to their family and friends.

The studio runs two separate fashion shows held on the same day. The first show is for our novice and junior designers, and the second show is for our senior and adult designers. By having multiple shows, we are able to keep them at an enjoyable length and ensure that all families are able to secure as many tickets as they desire.

1st Year Designer, Olivia, age 14 wins the Best Construction Award in the Senior Fashion Show for her Divergent Collection based on the books and block buster movie series.
1st Year Designer, Olivia (center), age 14, wins the Best Construction Award in our 2015 Fashion Show in the Senior Division for her “Divergent” Collection based on the books and block-buster movie series.

Consistent with our studio philosophy, the fashion show process always emphasizes fun. We motivate students to do the best that they can, but we do not expect perfection. We want every student to participate in the fashion show with an enthusiastic attitude and a positive self-image.

To our knowledge, we are the only studio of its kind in the U.S. to hold a fashion show for young designers of this caliber. It is truly amazing to see the talent these young designers have. It is an event you will not want to miss!

Love To Sew Studio rewards every designer who participates in our fashion show with a trophy each year. Junior, Senior, and Adult designers also have the option to compete in several costume categories which are changed year to year. 
Designer Fashion Show Packets: 
About 6 months before the fashion show, usually some time in April, the designer packets will be available for pick up at the studio. The designer packets include very important information like; rules and regulations, special categories, divisions, list of awards that are given that year, judges score sheet, ticket order form, postcards of the show to give to friends and family and more. Each designer will need a packet. The folder has white papers which are filled with important information to read, and blue papers that need to be filled out and handed in by the deadline. In order to participate in the show all papers must be in by the due-date, no exceptions. We allow designers from other sewing studios from our region to participate in our show. However, we have a limited number of spots for guest designers. Please contact us if you would like to apply for a spot in the show. Our rules apply to all designers no matter what sewing school they are representing at the show.

Support Our Fashion Show:

Occasionally outside companies and vendors will offer to support the arts and our fashion show with wonderful gifts and prizes for our designers. We greatly appreciate the kindness and help from these vendors in making our fashion show a more successful and fun experience for our designers and students.If you are interested in supporting our show with prizes, gifts, scholarships or funds for our designers, please contact us via email or @ (610) 563-8633.

Some of our past supporters and sponsors have been:

PGM Dress Forms

HERR’s Chips

Hershey Company

Oxygen Channel for Women

Tuttle Publishing

Harper Collins Publishing


FAQ About Our Fashion Show:

What is Love to Sew Studio’s Annual Fashion Show?

Our fashion show is an annual event presenting every day looks and competition costume looks designed and modeled by children ages 7-18. Young students have worked all year to show the looks they created in the fashion show. While studio instructors have guided them in the technical end of sewing, these young designers came up with the concepts, colors, looks, and themes themselves. It is a fantastic show and you as the audience will get to vote for your favorite looks.

Ashley (right) wins "Best Over-All Collection" for the 2nd year in a row in the Junior Fashion Show with her Back to School "A+" collection!
Ashley (right) wins “Best Over-All Collection” for the 2nd year in a row in the Junior Division of our 2015 Fashion Show with her Back to School “A+” collection!

How can I attend the fashion show?

You can purchase general seating tickets at the door, the day of the show, or in advance through the studio (610) 563-8633 beginning May 1, 2017.  Front row seating is very limited and must be booked in advance.

Is there a dress code for guest?

The dress code is elegant chic or business casual (no sneakers, ball-caps, etc.) Formal attire is not necessary.

How are seats assigned?

Front row seats are by ticket sales and are reserved. General seating is based on first come, first serve.

How early should I arrive to see the show?

Seating for the fashion show starts 45 minutes before the show.

How long does the fashion show last?

We have two shows, a show for our novice and junior designers ages 7-12, and a show for our adult and senior designers ages 13-18, and adults. Each show lasts approximately 50-70 minutes including performances and awards. After the awards are finished for the first show, the ballroom doors are locked while the staff cleans ups and gets ready for the second show.

Can I take photos during the fashion show?

Discreet photo taking from your seat is allowed. No flashes, standing up during the show, or blocking other guests’ views. There will be several professional photographers taking photos at the show which you can view and purchase after the show.

Can I bring young children to the fashion show?

Our fashion shows are family friendly and are for all ages. However, we do ask that our youngest audience be at least four years old. If other arrangements can not be made, we ask that you keep your child under tight supervision as these young designers worked very hard for their special day.

What else can I expect at the fashion show?

Displays of garments designed by the studio instructors, industry judging, entertainment during intermission, voting for your favorite looks in the competitions, and homemade snacks for sale all decorated and designed according to the theme of the fashion show that particular year.


PGM Dress from Baldwin, California, is the company that provides the designers on the TV show Project Runway their dress forms. PGM Professional Dress Forms are natural body shaped with realist looking buttock, collapsible shoulders enable you to take off and on your draping design from dress form. All PGM Dress Forms are with traditional heavy duty cast iron base which is durable, and the dress form height can be adjustable by easily stepping the foot pedal, meet all garment industry need. The company was kind enough to donate a professional dress form for the winner of our Junior fashion show and our Senior fashion show. Thank you PGM Dress Forms!