How to Make a Zipper Mouth Frankenstein

How to Make a Zipper Mouth Frankenstein

Zipper Mouth Frankenstein Pillow – Free Halloween Craft Sewing Tutorial

A handmade and easy to sew Frankenstein pillow Halloween decoration

What I love about making Frankenstein crafts is because of his reputation of being sewn together as a monster in the books and movies, he is so forgiving when it comes to sewing mistakes. So when creating a Frankenstein craft, you can zig-zag, skip stitches, sew crooked and no one will know the better! The more imperfections on the Frankenstein craft the better! This zipper-mouth Frank pillow was made from upholstery fabrics, yarn for the scar, and a zipper.

You Will Need:

  • About 1/3 of yard of cream fabric for pillow front and back
  • Zippers
  • Scraps of Halloween fabrics for Frank’s face parts
  • Black yarn
  • Craft stuffing or fiberfill
  • Basic sewing supplies


Let’s Make Frank!

Beginning patterns, easy to sew, handmade halloween craft

This Frankenstein craft can be made using cotton fabrics. I used upholstery fabric sample squares that a local shop gave to me for free. They throw the fabric samples away, so the next time you pass a shop, stop and ask if you can have their outdated samples.
This project is more of an art work project. You are the artist. Cut two squares from tan fabric for the base front and back of the pillow. Then using fabric scraps cut and pin 2 eyes, nose, mouth, hair, and bolts.


Easy to sew handmade Halloween Frankenstein pillow craft

Using a zig-zag stitch, sew around each face piece to the pretty side of one of the beige pillow pieces. Set aside the other beige piece as that will be the back of the pillow.

Halloween craft that is handmade and easy to sew

To make the scar, I used thick black yarn, cut the yarn to look like a scar, and then zig-zagged over top of the yarn.


Fun and handmade Halloween Frankenstein craft that is easy to sew

Pin and sew the zipper in place. I did NOT use a zipper foot because I used a zig-zag stitch to attach the zipper on the mouth.


A creepy, handmade, and easy to sew Frankenstein pillow for Halloween

Place the pillow front and back tan pieces PRETTY sides together and pin around the raw edges. Leave a 4″ opening on one side. That will be the opening for turning the pillow and stuffing the pillow.


Sew around the outer edges through both layers of the pillow using the pressure foot as your guide.

Don’t forget to leave your 4″ opening.

Trim seams and clip corners.


A creepy and easy to sew craft, a Halloween themed pillow with Frankenstein on it

Turn pillow pretty side out and gently poke out the corners. Stuff the pillow and hand sew the opening closed.


Congratulations! You have just made a creepy cute pillow that will be a great accent during the witching hours! Happy Haunting!


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