Sarah Designs and Makes Her Junior Prom Dress

Sarah Designs and Makes Her Junior Prom Dress

This year Sarah not only wanted to challenge herself in making her own prom dress, she also wanted to make sure she had a gown that no one else would have, and one that fit her perfect! The second she saw this beautiful cream lace gown designed and made by a lady in a store on fabric row in Philadelphia, she knew this was her inspiration for her junior prom gown!

Here is the gown that inspired Sarah to make her own.

When she ask the lady at the store if she had a pattern, the lady responded with, “No, but you can make it…, you don’t need a pattern. Just cut here and there, and sew on sleeves.” Really, are you kidding me. If making a dress was that easy, everyone would do it, and I would be out of a job!

We are going to follow Sarah’s progress in her “cutting here and there and sewing on sleeves” to make her prom dress. So stayed tuned to this page or our facebook page to see her beautiful gold lace fabric slowly form into a beautiful gold gown!







Sarah looking stunning with her date at prom in the gold shimmery gown she designed and made.



Sarah prepping her gold fabric to make her own prom dress.
After making a pattern for the bodice of the dress it is time to start pinning and cutting the glittery fabric. There was so much glitter on the floor that the next day when the sun was hitting the studio floor just right, I thought the floor was wet!


gold sheer fabric for a prom gown
Sarah chose a beautiful gold lace overlay fabric to go on top of a gold silky fabric. The sleeves will be just the sheer. Each piece of the bodice was treated as one with the lace and gold fabric basted together around the edge.



a selfie of a gold prom dress in the making
Here is Sarah’s first selfie of the bodice basted together.


sarah showing her golden prom dress she is making
All is basted. Next it’s time to do some fine tuning, adjusting, and more fittings until the perfect fit. Then, permanent stitch the bodice together. Then she attached the sheer sleeves. Just before the prom she trimmed off the bottom of the sleeve around the sparkles and gems, there was no need for hemming the sleeves. Last, Sarah made the skirt part and attached the bodice and skirt together.




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