Drake the Bunny

Drake the Bunny

Drake the Cute and Primitive Bunny – Free Easter Craft Sewing Tutorial


Meet Drake the Bunny! He is a bunny that I quickly designed and stitched together to add to my handmade bunny collection. He was such a hit, each of my daughters wanted their own Drake to put in their homes for Spring time!

You Will Need:


Let’s make the pattern for Drake!


Using a piece of computer paper trim the top part as shown, curving to meet in the center top. There the pattern is done, it’s that easy! (I use this type of pattern for a lot of my bunnies.) Name your pattern and write “cut 2”. Always keep your patterns so you can use them over and over again. Pin and cut 2 of cream fabric.


Let’s make the bunny ears!


Cut 14″X4″ piece of cream fabric and brown fabric. Fold them in half and cut the top as shown on a curve meeting in the center.


drake5Place the fabrics pretty side out and pin around the outer edges.


drake10Sew along the edge around the ears using the pressure foot as your guide. We want the raw edges to show on our bunny’s ears to make him look more primitive.


Let’s put Drake together.

drake11Place the bunny bodies pretty sides together and pin around the outer edges. We will be leaving a hole at the top so that we can turn and stuff him.


drake9Sew around the bunny body edges using the pressure foot as your guide. Remember, don’t sew at the top as shown on the photo! That is where we will be turning it and stuffing it.


drake8Before we can turn the bunny right side out we have to “box” the corners. Doing this will make your bunny stand up. To do so, pull the corner and match the side seam with the bottom seam as shown. Pin in place. (You can see how the bunny has already begun to have a bigger bottom so that he can stand.) Measure 1.5″ from the tip of the corner and draw a line as shown.



Learn how to "Box" corners in sewing.

Stitch across the line you drew. Do the same to the other side.

drake6Turn Drake pretty side out and fill the bottom third of the body with beans, rice, sawdust, or craft pellets, or any kind of filler you’d like to use. Then stuff the rest of Drake with fiberfill. Hand sew the top opening closed. Sew on the buttons for the eyes and for the nose. Using the embroidery thread sew on whiskers and a long mouth.


Pinch and fold the center top of the ears and sew on the top of the head as shown.


Let’s Make the Carrots!


Cut a triangle 5″ wide and 6″ high from the orange fabric as shown. (It is one triangle per carrot. I used two carrots for my bunny, but you can make as many as you want.)


drake14Fold triangle in half and pin as shown. Stitch down the side.


drake15Turn the carrot pretty side out and stuff. Rip green fabric for the carrot top. The “ripped look” gives a more primitive look to our bunny craft.


drake16Shove the green fabric stems in the top of the carrot and hand sew the carrot closed making sure you are catching the thread onto some of the green stems. Pull tight and knot it several times.


Free sewing pattern for a primitive bunny craft.

Hand sew or glue the carrots onto drake. Using real blush make-up give him a little blush on his cheeks. Your adorable primitive bunny is finished! If you want him to be more primitive looking, just rub some cinnamon onto his body.


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